Thai Scoops is a healthy alternative for any dessert lover. Our ice cream is made 100% of milk and fresh fruits and it’s one of the most low-sugar products on the market, made in front of your eyes by dedicated people, who make a way of art when preparing the Thai Scoops handcraft ice cream. We created Thai Scoops for the loved ones, out of respect and appreciation for our customers, giving them a product without preservatives or synthetic flavors, but with a rich creamy taste and responsibly presented in a unique manner. With a wide range of products, Thai Scoops fits each customer, no matter the preferences, whether you like the fresh flavors – cherry, berry, blueberry, or you opt for something sweet – Mars, Raffaello, Ferrero Rocher, we guarantee a unique experience that will be a delight for your senses.

Although still in an early stage, the Thai Scoops concept  – “Homemade Happiness” is our wish to transform the way people understand one of the most popular desserts in the world and offer an excitement, a memorable and unmistakable experience, not just a product. Until now, we have opened four locations – in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Constanta, all of them in 2016. And because we share our joy with you, via franchising, any entrepreneur can continue the wonderful Thai Scoops story by our side.

Cold sweets were always fascinating, even in ancient times. In the first century, the Roman Emperor Nero ordered his servants to bring him snow from the side of the mountains, in order to cool his fruity drinks. We know that Alexander the Great enjoyed snow and ice flavored with honey and nectar. Marco Polo brought a recipe very similar to sorbet from the far east. In 1559 after the discovery of the reaction between ice and salt, the ice-cream as we all know it appears in Italy and since then, it started its journey in the world.

In 2016 the world economy saw a growth of only 2.2%, the slowest growth since the last recession is 2009. As a paradox to this slow growth, the ice-cream market has a rather robust growth. The most important element of this growth is the uptake in emerging countries like Brazil and China, where, thanks to the rise in incomes, this market represents about 2 fifths of world ice-cream market today. The United States, a former leader in ice-cream sales,  had it’s sales fall as more and more people become aware of the link between sugar consumption and obesity. In 2016 ice-cream industry sales totaled 7.7 billion $, with a constant rise of 0.5% over the past 3 years. In 2016 the average sales per company were around 18 million $. A raise of about 12.8% is noticed for companies with employees that number between 20-99.
And although mature markets like France, Germany, and Japan are seeing fairly flat growth, there remains a huge consumer appetite to see new innovative ideas. The ice cream market is a hotbed of innovation and trends are emerging from one part of the world to inspire innovation in another, and that is the case with this new way of making ice cream as in Thailand.

According to one report, Asia is currently the biggest market of ice-cream followed by North America, Europe, and others. GERMANY, TURKEY, AND SPAIN ARE THE TOP CONTRIBUTORS TO GROWTH in Europe. Aside from the population growth, several reasons are what drive the global growth of ice-cream market, reasons like innovative flavors with added nutrients, an association of ice-cream with popular food and beverages such as milkshakes and smoothies and also bringing them to the vast public as an affordable premium desert.

Then there is competition creep, including the recent wave of artisanal brands that have captured consumers’ imagination—and money -in shops, online and in grocers’ freezer.Small companies have pinpointed what consumers’ didn’t necessarily know they wanted: ice cream made from quality ingredients that tout new, now ubiquitous, flavors like dulce de leche or salted caramel.

The ice cream market continues to feel the heat from consumers to provide better-for-you options, but the category is responding in a range of ways to meet this demand.



In the ice-cream industry, you need to constantly innovate and adapt. This is, after all, a market with a rather high competition sense which is being changed now by a lot of trends.

Thai Scoops excels at innovation! Well, as we previously stated, we came up with our own equipment, we reversed engineered it and improved it in such a way that now is much more reliable and efficient. Our equipment offers now better support, faster freezing time and thus energy economy. One of the most important is the ability to freeze or unfreeze the ice-cream at different levels, thanks to our specially designed quick defrost button. This way, even new employees, get a friendly equipment that will help them develop their skills in making ice-cream without the prospect of ruining too many of them, and that’s how they build up confidence and get better results, and you will not have to waste too much time with the training, just a couple of hours of initial training and then follow-up to perfection.

We also adapt quite easily, both our marketing, design, and recipe of products can be easily changed accordingly with the most recent trends. Because we don’t roll it like all the other Thai Ice Cream Shops, we can choose all the natural ingredients or any type of chocolate that you love. This and the fact that, in our marketing studies, we manage to identify the needs of every region and thus allowing ourselves to choose the best combination accordingly, makes out of Thai Scoops a competitor which you should not underestimate. Also, the design of our shops is very attractive, being clean and neat.

Thirdly and most importantly, we make homemade ice-cream, we use all natural ingredients, we combine them in a creative way and we offer a healthy and artisanal product and thus we maintain our originality anywhere in the world. In this manner, we address our products to kids, teens, grown-ups and elders as well. All of our customers are special, not because they choose us, but because they understand that they deserve only the best that this industry has to offer, and that is Thai Scoops.


Children are the main consumers of ice cream products. Studies have shown that ice cream was the preferred dessert for children, especially the chocolate flavor and that is the main reason you can have a lot of options of chocolate to choose from at Thai Scoops. They also revealed that the children were usually the ones making the choicesBut our products are not specially designed for kids, let’s face it: we all enjoy a good ice cream. To prove this, we have some recipes you will love: for romantics – Mon Paris – a sweet and sour taste with a touch of Cherry Liqueur. for sports lovers – Muddy Sneakers – Snickers chocolate that will boost your energy. for the artist inside you: Coco Satin – a silky and nutty treat. Midnight Special – whiskey cream with a sharp taste – for life lovers.



It all started in 2015, the year we saw a new way of creating ice cream. We adapted everything to our beliefs, imported the production gear and we tested it in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. Customers had an incredibly positive reaction to this, which made us unstoppable. As time passed, we have discovered some technical issues with our imported gear and the production process. And there came along a period of testing and research in our lab. In the end, with the HORECA experience that we gained during the years, we have developed our own gear of producing Thai ice-cream. That made us more efficient and we have created a new way of presenting the product: no more rolls, just scoops.


This was not just for making the job easier, on the contrary, it was all about making the final product healthier and to have as ingredients only naturals. Starting 2016, Thai Scoops became a brand and a business. It was the year that our extraordinary adventure started. We had opened 3 locations in just 3 weeks, with a total of 8 by the end of the year and made a great impression in 6 food festivals. The final of the year was marked by signing a Master Franchise contract with a strong partner in Spain. The consumer’s satisfaction can be seen on Facebook also, where we have over 6300 followers and only 5-star rating.

Selling ice-cream might be easy, but creating ice-cream from scratch in front of your eyes getting both the smiles and the positive feeling in such a way that after minutes of waiting we can see you actually enjoying it, well, that’s is something only Thai Scoops managed to achieve and this even from the start in 2015.

Thai Scoops story does not end here, we still have the same momentum and we are in full throttle as far as the expansion goes, in 2017 we will take part in 12 Street Food Festivals, we will open new shops in Spain, Israel and Hungary and even a new location with our new partner Kaufland Network. Also, we plan to open at least 5 new locations in Romania, and because we are invited to 2 Franchise Festivals this year, we plan to take the business on every continent in 2018 – Thai Scoops Globally.

The rest is History, and you have the chance to write it with us, by joining an adventure that will shape your character, career and life vision.

This is a set of qualities that will help you understand and make the best of this franchise. It’s a big advantage if you own them: A demonstrated ability to build a high performing team dedicated to operational excellence and guest satisfaction; The desire and financial resources to develop or purchase one or more locations; A strong work ethic – sincere and optimistic; Identify with our mission and values and our entrepreneurial spirit; Resident in the franchise area; High level of commitment to customer service.

Ready to make the next step?

The only missing ingredient is you.

Franchise fees:

35.000 Euro + VAT(franchise & investment fee)

Royalty fee:

5 % (FIVE percent) of fiscal value + VAT

Marketing contribution:

2 % (TWO percent) of fiscal value + VAT

The contract period is five years, with the possibility of extension.

All the equipment and furniture is included.

These figures are for guidance only, as all stores are sold for an all- inclusive price. This does not constitute a final offer of a contract and is just for guidance. This should not be relied upon in deciding whether or not to invest in a Thai Scoops franchise.

For the Thai Scoops franchise, we are looking for partners with whom to grow and continue our beautiful story. To be a Thai Scoops partner, you have to fulfill several conditions, then you must go through a few steps.

Necessary conditions:

– you must have  a company

Have an outline of the business plan that you want to propose. It has to contain an analysis of the market area in which you want to develop this business.

– have an amount of money necessary to initiate collaboration (exact details below)

Get in touch with Thai Scoops franchise department to initiate the communication necessary for a potential collaboration.

Next steps:

Step 1Study the franchise market in your country. Carefully analyze the conditions and locations that would be convenient for your business. You have to appropriate expectations, download and read our presentation about the Thai Scoops franchise.

Step 2 – Submit application.

If you have the intention of becoming part of our chain of franchise – Thai Scoops, meaning you want to open and manage a unit/units from Thai Scoops, subject to and in accordance with all terms and conditions of the Agreement, contained in the “Franchise Manual ” and in the franchisor prescriptions, complete the online questionnaire on our website: Our staff will answer as soon as possible. This will not be binding in any way but will give us access to more information and help us to know you better. After you submit your request, we will consider your application. And we will contact you to arrange a meeting time and location.

Step 3 – Analyze all the details

Once you have made contact with our representatives, we will review the franchise agreement with your lawyer. Once you’ve decided on the financial plan, you are ready to become part of the Thai Scoops team!

Every Thai Scoops business belongs to the franchisee that operates it, but the furniture and all equipment and tools provided, are in the franchisee’s custody. A perfect central location, operating it at big standards and many other factors, can help you succeed in your workplace. If you respect our conditions and you get to go into our franchise system, you will receive our support even before starting the collaboration:

– the advice in choosing the right location (in some cases we can mediate the relationship with malls where we request to introduce the franchise);

– delivery terms set by the franchise agreement

– delivery of equipment for the location will be in terms required by chapter 2

– providing the location’s appropriate architectural projects given in custody free of charge; providing the instructions necessary regarding for furniture reparations and decoration;

– you will be also provided with the administrative, technical and operational know-how, the “franchise manual”, and the marketing and staff training techniques

– the franchisee will also receive the delivery of products ordered in the exact quantity, quality, and terms that he has requested in the documents, according to contract, or he will get indications about exclusive suppliers from whom the franchisee has the obligation to purchase the products that will be marketed under the brand Thai Scoops;

– training and preparing employees before and after the opening of the location, and periodically during the whole contract.

What is the price of Thai Scoops franchise?

You will get our “business in a box” fully functional, with all the gear and necessary equipment. But before we talk about the price we think it is better for you to take a look on our website at the "Franchise" button where you’ll find first of all what you get when you become our partner, why you will want to be in the Thai Scoops Franchise Network and at the end the price for the one location that you asked about. To make it easy you can just click on this link to go there:
If you are interested we have a form on this page that you need to fill and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you make thai ice-cream, why don’t you make rolls like everybody else do?

We started with rolls in the beginning but soon realized that we need to change that very quickly. This is what led to that:
1. To roll you have to add a lot of sugar in the base to make it more flexible.
Our ice-cream is made only with natural ingredients and a really low content of sugar, which makes it really tasty and delicious, but not so “elastic”.
2. In addition, you can only choose some types of products to use in your ice cream. We use frozen fruits because they are better quality and original chocolates which are impossible to roll. We consider this to be more important.
3. It takes longer to roll the ice cream, and if you have five people in front of you, on the line, you don't have any time to spare. You have to make just one ice cream, in that time frame we can make up to 7 ice creams at once, and in less than 30% of the time, you used to roll it.
4. It is easier for the employees because our equipment is friendlier to use with our special defrost button and even the most inexperienced employee can become a Thai scoops artist in maximum 2 days.
5. Lastly, you don't always roll the ice cream correctly and you have a lot more losses and it’s not so creamy and it melts faster.
That’s why we choose to present it as the classic scoop, which is also part of our branding and image.

I haven’t managed/opened any stores before. How am I going to do that?

You don’t have to worry about that because we provide you with all you need to start your Thai Scoops business. That means that we will take care of everything, and we will “hand you the key” so you can start your “engine”. We produce everything and we implement it so that we limit all the errors.
Our technical team will set up the location and be there while you start operating, to make sure everything works perfectly.

How can I find a premium location?

Our marketing team will help you chose a good location, using market research and other tools. We will provide you the best information which will help you take the best decision. Some factors to take in consideration when choosing a location:

You want to look for a central spot or a well-known shopping mall. Location, location, location. Then there is the type of clients that are in the area, and the competition nearby. But don't worry we have a special tool created just for this type of questions to help you choose wisely.

Why can’t we make our own ice cream and we have to choose from your recipes?

We know everyone else does this but we also know that not every ice cream we imagine is a good one. We tried a lot of them and some of the ones we thought were awesome were terrible. We don't want you to have this experience at Thai Scoops and believe our ice cream is not good. That is why we have our own recipes that were tested by us on the market and that have a good feedback from our clients. We just want to offer the best.

I'm not a marketing expert. How can I promote my business in the local market?

You will get guidelines from our marketing experts. They will help you with choosing the best places to promote or give you content for your social media platforms. We will plan together a Grand Opening that your clients will never forget. We have professional commercial videos, banners, flyers, booklets, website and a special Manual in our Franchise Manuals that is created just for Marketing.

What happens if there’s already a Thai Scoops location in my town?

That’s not a problem for you because there will never be enough locations to satisfy all the customers! Tell us about the location you have in mind and if that is too close to the other Thai Scoops Franchise we will help you find one that is better.

What are the steps that I must follow in order to be a franchisee?

If you go on our website on the Franchise button, you will find a lot of information, including a video, a booklet and the form that you need to fill out. And there is also a button with the steps you need to make to be part of the Thai Scoops family.

What is the procedure if I want to bring the Thai Scoops concept into a country where it doesn’t exist?

We are really excited when somebody wants Thai Scoops in a country where it doesn’t exist. Our strategy is to work with strong partners, who are keen on development and expansion - on a national level not just to open one or two locations. Don’t hesitate to contact us if that is you! We will provide you with all information that you need and we will establish a meeting if you want to be a Master Franchise in your country.

What are the differences between your ice-cream machines and other products on the market?

Our ice-cream production equipment is fully optimized for our type of products. That means that we have improved the existing systems on the market with our engineers and technical team. So, basically, our machines are unique!
We can use any type of ingredients in our recipes, we can make the ice cream faster, and up to 7 ice cream at once and we can train very fast all the employees to make a perfect scoop for you.
Our ice cream is creamier and doesn't melt as fast as the other Thai Ice Creams you can find.
The biggest difference is that we made a very robust machine that can work 12 hours a day without stopping and that it has the best quality components.

I am a beginner and don't have a lot of business management knowledge. How will I start and then manage to run my new business?

We are a small and easy to operate a business. We know that a lot of our partners will not have any experience in management and that some will be family businesses, so that is why we offer a lot of help in this area.
Our team will guide you through all the process of maintaining a business and will train you and your employees in order to obtain the best results. We have video training and a lot of manuals that will be very useful to you. And you can call our team with your problems and we will be glad to offer all the support you need.

Where can I find the list of allergens for your products?

You can find it on all the Thai Scoops locations and upon request, we will send you an email with the complete list of allergens for each type of product that we sell.

Do you also have vegan ice cream or low-fat?

For now, we don’t but we are working on it. In the near future, you will be able to enjoy the magic of Thai Scoops in a vegan way.

Does your Ice cream contain egg? Gluten? Peanuts?

Our base doesn't contain eggs at all. None of the fruit ice creams contain egg, but if you want a chocolate one you have to see if the original chocolate does or doesn't contain any egg. The same goes for Gluten and peanuts.

Is your ice cream Koser? Halal?

We are now working on obtaining the Kosher and Halal certificate for some of our products so that you can enjoy our unique taste with confidence and full peace of mind.

What is the main difference between Thai Scoops and other types of ice cream?

Thai Scoops is an all natural ice-cream, made with fresh fruits and dairy. Our ingredients are chemical free, with low sugar content and the most important thing, everything is prepared in front of your eyes. You can see all the ingredients that you will eat getting mixed together. Pretty awesome, right?

How can I get a job at one of the Thai Scoops locations?

You can always get in touch with us, or our partners that manage one of our locations. The best, fast and accurate information will be provided from the physical location, where the manager can inform you about any job vacancies.

How many flavors do you have and which ones are the most popular?

We have a total of 50 flavors and soon more will be added. The most popular depending on the area or the country of the Thai Scoops location. People have different tastes, and that’s why we keep our menu diversified, so we can cover everyone. We don't sell all the flavors in all the locations at the same time.
But from all the locations in all the parts of the world Gorilla Blue is the most loved ice cream we have.

I have a milk allergy. Can I still try your products?

We are now working on a lactose-free base, but if your allergy is not lactose related then we recommend you not to take any risks, Thai Scoops Ice Cream has a lot of yummy milk in it, that’s why it tastes so good.

There is a lot of ice-cream out there, but you never get the chance to see exactly what you eat, or the process of making it. Instead, at Thai Scoops, the customer satisfaction is guaranteed, because the customer gets to choose the ingredients used in his ice-cream.  Moreover, the customer is even encouraged to photograph or film the entire process of production, so there is full transparency on the Thai Scoops products.


1.Strong support

Having a support network of franchisees to advise on problems, share experience and offer tips on how to be successful, following a proven and easy to operate system that has already worked for others, following in the footsteps of the experience of an established enterprise, can make your new business benefit greatly and spare you from the struggle and uncertainty of a start-up.

– We offer support and the necessary papers for your dealings with shop owners (malls and others).

– We have a common Marketing Budget to help promote your local business.

-We offer both Management and selling point software for you to have total control over your business

2.Easy money

Being part of a well-known brand rather than developing a new business, will make it easier for you to get a loan from the bank and will also put you at a Lower Risk of losing money – because according to, over 85% of franchise worldwide generate profit at the bottom line. Moreover, we have a greater Purchasing Power – whether we’re talking about purchasing paper cups, or national advertising, the combined bulk buying power of a franchise network can help secure significant discounts with the suppliers. It is cheap for you to start the business. We offer affordable products for every type of client.

3.Business in a box

We help you with the Grand opening, assemble all the needed parts and get on with the work of running your own business.

– We offer you 12 complete manuals (Corporate Identity, Legal Counseling, Marketing, Stocks and Supplies, Health and Safety, Operating Manual, Accounting and Administration, HACCP, HR, Production, Management, Reporting and payments.)

4.Brand awareness

Operating under a trusted brand gives you a huge advantage over the competition and grants the success of your business. Choose your franchise carefully and your customers and suppliers will believe in you and trust your business, from the very start. Most franchises have a pre-defined Marketing strategy which, aside from providing you with artwork for adverts, banners, etc., ensures that your small business benefits from the buying power of a larger enterprise and gives you more time to focus on making your business a success.

– Promoting the brand at street food and franchise festivals, both national and international.

– It’s easy to differentiate from all the other frozen treats on the market with all the advertising tools we offer (professional video commercials, posters, website, facebook and marketing campaigns)


It is important to ensure that you have the right location for your business. A franchise can normally offer help in finding suitable premises at the best rates possible; they will also be keen to set you up in a territory where they see an opportunity for your business to succeed,  considering all the important factors.

–  You will get approved architectural design and a fully functional shop

– We set up your location while you can take care of other important things like hiring employees and buying the raw material.

6.One of a kind

The production technology of our ice-cream is one of a kind; made by ourselves, constantly innovating and searching for better freezing time and ease of use.

– The products are quality approved and we offer guaranty for all the equipment provided.

7.Self-selling product

Our product sells itself, all our products respond perfectly to the market trends that constantly change the ice cream market. You promote an alternative dessert, both delicious and healthy.

– It’s an Innovating concept with a powerful impact in social media, that attracts and amazes customers.

– We have a diverse range of products: ice-cream, milkshakes, puffles, coffee, refreshments.

8.Easy training

Very easy Training – Our franchise can offer invaluable training (video and written) for production and management, support on how to drive your business forward and manage your team and we will also teach you new skills for making your business a real success. You and your employees don’t need previous experience.

– Employees can be easily trained and very fast, in maximum 3 days they are fully operating.